UCK Design Concepts

UCK Technical Features

UCK Multi mining &Cloud mining

UCK miner supports mining activities on computers or on the cloud. It will identify consensus algorithm to mine multi tokens while working on mainstream tokens. It will also auto-select the best mining strategy to maximize profits based on users’ hardware configure it recognizes. Besides, the miner allocates idle hashrate smartly from users’ equipment.

Multifunctional Wallet

The wallet is integrated multi-cryptocurrencies wallet, OTC transactions, CEX, Direct access to exchanges, and a DAPP store.

Security Strategies

Private key written in hardware, security isolation, software encrypted, UID(User Identifier) generation control, safe cloud and cloud safety.

UCK Node Manager Tool

Developed by UCK Network, the UCK Node Manager Tool is an exclusive hardware integrated with UCK core technologies such as cold wallets, easy mining programs and UCK security solutions. Besides, the UCK Note Manager Tool plays an important role as the UCK Network node in the UCK ecosystem.

UCK Network Cross-chain Platform

As a layer 2 network, UCK Network built a “logical layer” between underlying blockchains and DAPPs, supporting all the public blockchains and DAPPs. It separates the implements of smart contracts from the consensus mechanism of public blockchains.

The UCK Ecosystem

Our Team

UCK Development Plan

UCK Super Cloud Miner

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